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With everything moving so quickly now stories often don’t have time to be told and get lost in the shuffle. We lose the time to appreciate what we have and immediately look for whats next. Here at Back and Forth our goal is to stay up to speed with todays lifestyle, but also make sure these very important stories are told.

Back and Forth is a menswear boutique blending the lines between streetwear and menswear in a sophisticated way. We want to showcase a lifestyle that isn’t just about the product on our shelves, but also focus on how our customers are treated, how we carry ourselves, and how we can continue to integrating ourselves into our own communities.

Our name represents our approach of asking the questions why? and how? in regards to how staples of our generation came to be. At the same time we want to provide a lens on how these themes continue to impact our future. We never want to be stuck in one place, we want to be able to always go back and forth as our customers and the world around us continues to change. Our mission is to embrace the past and always be prepared for the future.

Back and Forth will lift the curtain on the products we carry, shedding light on how they came to be, what purpose will they serve, and how the will live in the future. This attention to detail will provide a truly unique shopping experience to you, the customer.